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Addam has always had a passion for the stage, fashion, fine arts, and beauty. Having studied theatre, performance art, dance & studio art he is inspired by the simplicity of the everyday world, sensing nuances of style before “trend”. For him, style is not only a collaboration with the client but an expression of “living art” – something that continually evolves.

Addam has been featured on magazine covers, fashion spreads, blogs, shows and New York Fashion Week. For seven years he was the Artistic Director for ISO Hair Products, a division of Joico/Sheseido Cosmetics. He is a dedicated educator/mentor, living by the motto “the day I stop learning is the day I die”. 

Calling New York his home, Addam continues his "pursuit of art, fashion, and performance while quenching my lust for life by traveling the globe and exploring culture."


To contact Addam directly, please email him HERE.

Check out his Instagram page: @addamartist